Open Source in the Cloud

This page is about the Open Source Committee's efforts to provide some virtual machine instances and images with useful open source software preloaded.

Amazon Virtual Machine (AMI) running RStudio

There is an Amazon Machine Image running RStudio at:

Use the username "rstudio" and the password "cas open source" (without the spaces).

Started running instance using the AWS console.
Micro (1yr free) instance.  Started with this image:


Public DNS:

System change log:

##### Change password
sudo bash
passwd rstudio # changed to "casopensource"

##### Install some R packages as root
sudo R

# This should have worked in R:
# > install.packages(c("ChainLadder", "actuar", "MRMR", "chron", "cshapes", "DBI", "effects", "plyr", "dplyr", "reshape", "ggplot2", "gpclib", "lattice", "lme4", "lubridate", "mapdata", "mapproj", "maps", "maptools", "MCMCpack", "odesolve", "party", "reshape2", "rpart", "RSQLite.extfuns", "RUnit", "runjags", "shapefiles", "sp", "sqldf", "statmod", "gridExtra", "Rcpp", "inline", "png", "Cairo", "sm", "dlm", "tseries", "Rserve", "runjags", "rjags", "DataCombine", "glmnet", "sp", "gdata", "data.table", "rgeos"))

# Here's a list that didn't work
# > install.packages("Cairo")

# but instead I had to run this and then install them manually using
# some packages didn't seem to compile because I ran out of memory while compiling them.